“JeremiahCry Ministries exists to glorify God by equipping and mobilizing the saints in the work of public proclamation in the context of the local church for the building up of the body of Christ and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth.” The purpose of JeremiahCry Ministries is to work in partnership with local churches of like faith and practice in order to better equip them for the work of public proclamation and bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth to the end that the elect might be gathered in from the four corners of the globe.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the prince of preachers during the Victorian age once quipped, “The preaching of Christ is the thunderbolt, the sound of which makes all hell shake.” It is precisely for this reason that I am so grateful for the work of the Herald Society in raising up, equipping, and sending out a whole new generation of preachers who are literally going to the streets awakening men and women to the hope of the Gospel—and thereby shaking the very foundations of hell itself!

George Grant

Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN